•  We at ICLOUD are pleased to provide our advice and expertise and put it in your hands:

    1. Technical consulting for small or large companies.

    2. Study, design and implementation of infrastructure for computer networks and virtual servers in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

     3. Construction and installation of data centers and server rooms and connect them with all branches of the company.

     4. Contracts for periodic maintenance of computers and servers for small and large companies.

     5. Study, design and implementation of analogue and digital telephone exchanges.

     6. Installation and equipment of institutions, companies and offices CCTV and IPTV surveillance systems and alarms.

     7. All Internet services and sites, which include hosting of the Internet and private servers and virtual.

     8. Design and programming and construction of Internet sites on the Internet.

     9. Design and publicize your advertisement through e-marketing.